Romans 1:19-20

Are you discerning? Do you see through situations down to their substance, or are you distracted and misled by appearances? Granted, some of these abilities are acquired with age, but even those who are younger can develop the skills that help them see that things are not always as they overtly seem.

“…Yes, God has shown Himself to them. There are things about Him that people cannot see—His eternal power and all the things that make Him God. But since the beginning of the world those things have been easy to understand by what God has made…” (Romans‬ ‭1:19-20‬ ‭NCV‬‬)

Sorry, dear reader, but I’m back to macro-evolution–not breeding, but the billions of years. And at the risk of appearing archaic and rigidly set in my thinking, I’m going to continue to declare that it is a real life instance of “The Emperor’s New [nonexistent] Clothes.” Why? Not because of any credible peer-reviewed research produced by scientific inquiry, but because of intentional or unintentional interpretational bias. What’s that, you ask? So happy to let you know!

Whenever you do research–when you observe something and acquire data from those observations–you then have to interpret that data. If, for example, I go out every morning and take a measurement of the pounds of air in my driver’s side front tire, and find that each day that number is going down, I then have to interpret that set of data–I have to take a guess as to why it’s doing so; I have to put meaning to it.

So with my tires, I could guess that there’s a small leak in the tire causing a certain amount of air to escape each day. If each day was successively colder, however, I could also guess that there is no leak, but that the air is simply contracting in response to the decreasing temperature. I could, also, however, guess that every night my neighbor gets up after I have fallen asleep, and lets out a bit of air. As the researcher on this project, I can attribute whatever explanation I choose to the data I’ve collected. Now let’s suggest I’ve had problems in the past with my neighbor and I’m

in the process of collecting evidence to officially accuse him of harassment–can you see how I might be more inclined to interpret my otherwise totally objective data to have been caused by his nefarious involvement?

In this example, of course, it is relatively easy to determine the exact cause of the progressively diminishing tire pressure. If it hasn’t successively gotten colder each day, it’s not the temperature; if I camp out by my window and watch my car all night to make sure it’s not my neighbor, I can disqualify that too. But with research on man’s origins it’s not that easy, because you simply cannot go back and personally check to see what happened. So you, as the researcher, postulate–you personally interpret the data you have on whatever it is you studied or observed.

Of course, any researcher worth their salt will vehemently deny any bias in their interpretation of the data, but bias is unavoidable because we are human, not machine. None of us grew up or live in a vacuum; all of us have a worldview and opinions, and some things make more sense to us than other things.

So going back to macro-evolution–do the findings reported actually prove God’s Word in error and substantiate macro-evolution? Or, do they–to the degree there was accurate collection of data and peer-reviewed scientific research–present information, which has then been interpreted in a specific way, according to the leanings of the particular researcher and the trends of the scientific community as a whole? The answer is the latter: all scientific findings are interpreted. But why, you could rightly ask, are we bombarded with findings that seem to further bolster macro-evolutionary theories, yet rarely hear about dissenting scientific opinions? Why do there appear to be so few of these dissenting voices?

The reason we hear so much about pro-macroevolutionary findings is because society as a whole is eager to throw off the constraints of obligation to the Divine–it’s our rebellious human sin-nature. And the reason there are fewer dissenting voices is because of evolutionary bias–because those who speak out are frequently ridiculed, silenced, or further excluded from academic or scientific participation.

Yet enough still do speak out–there are credible voices that recognize the problems and attempt to let others know, and these are the voices we need to pay particular attention to, because they will help us see through the headlines to the substance beneath–because it is never as cut and dry as it appears. But those who trust in God know that–we are just increasingly made to feel intellectually feeble and scientifically foolish to continue to cling to observation, common sense and the obvious, in light of the “pro-evolutionary” findings bombarding us.

My son gifted me with a bouquet of dendrobium orchids for my recent birthday–and they are absolutely beautiful! But what impressed me (again, because I see this in so much of nature) is their design–the creative genius of their Maker. When I opened them in my darker kitchen, they seemed purple. But observed outside in natural light, they practically run the gamut of the color spectrum! The stems are the typical almost yellow-green “stem-green;” the unopened buds are teal; the underbelly of the opened blossoms are a bright medium-toned robin’s-egg blue; and the blossoms themselves are fuschia, mixed with purple. In other words–they are nothing short of artistic genius!

I’ve seen that same artistic genius in my German Shepherd’s, or my daughter’s ferret’s, fur–the variegation and subtlety of coloring that changes from one end of a single piece of fur to the other! Yet the evolutionary “evangelists”–the vocal pro-evolution atheistic and agnostic voices–tell me I have to contain the natural impulse they acknowledge exists within us all to worship the Force behind the creation–because, well, even though we’re moved by our very innermost being to worship the Designer, there actually is no Designer behind the design? I’m sorry, no; I beg to differ!!

And the reason I can differ is not because I am archaic or rigidly set in my thinking, or because I am intellectually feeble or scientifically foolish; it is because it is rational to differ with that which is in error. Moreover, I stand in the company of brave men and woman throughout history who have dissented with that which was wrong, regardless of the the current train of thought on the particular issue!

Dear Lord God,

Thank You that You have shown Yourself to us; that since the beginning of the world Your eternal power and all the things that make You God have been easy to understand by what You made! Amen.

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