I John 4:19

Do you believe in and faithfully follow Jesus Christ, and the Father who sent Him? Do you live with a day-by-day reliance on His Holy Spirit? If not, why on earth not? Certainly there is enough evidence not only that He is real, but also that we owe Him our love and obedience–so what possible reason could you be giving yourself to put off submitting your will and life to Him?

“We love Him because He first loved us.” (I John 4:19)

God loves us. Not only did He not abandon us to our sin-infested condition, He sent His Son to be born a human child and carry the weight of the punishment for us all in His sinless self on the cross. His desire is that everyone come to know Him! Yet the majority of humankind consistently and stubbornly set their faces against God and His love for us, choosing instead to reject it. Yet in doing so they have no excuse–they must rationalize Him away–because the evidence is everywhere.

Yes, all we have to do is either turn on a car radio, open a Bible, get a Bible app on our smart phones, listen to a podcast, wake up on Sunday morning and come to a church service, talk to someone who follows Him, or in some other way actually make an effort to find out who God is and what He wants from us. But, seriously, look at this list–it isn’t as if God is hiding from us or making it hard for us. This information is everywhere–so much so that we should be ashamed of ourselves if we still don’t know who He is or what we owe Him! Yet so many remain intentionally ignorant. Why? Because as physical beings, it is possible for us to go about our daily lives ignoring Him–eating, drinking, otherwise going through the physical motions of life until it ends the day He calls us out of our bodies. And that day comes to all. 

It is a rare person who hasn’t been to a funeral or in some other way witnessed human death. I personally have seen both my great-aunt and mother old and sick, but alive, one minute–living and breathing–and the next dead, with no more life. IT IS A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. The Bible tells us that “…it is appointed for man once to die, and then the judgment.”

Granted, on this side of life we don’t experience what happens after that last breath is taken. But they have–each and every person who has ever died. And we will too, someday. Maybe, sooner than we imagine–certainly sooner than yesterday. And when that happens, one of two things will occur. We will either be brought to our eternal home with the One who created, redeemed and sustained us throughout our time here, or we will be judged away from Him into eternal punishment. 

This should give those who know and love Jesus now comfort at their impending death; if you clung to Him throughout this life in faith, He will not abandon you at death. But if you have not wanted to have anything to do with Him in life, what possible expectation can you hold that He will accept you at death?

So, do you know your Creator, Savior and Sustainer God? Are you taking the time to find out who He is, all He has done for you, and your responsibility before Him? Or are you claiming willful ignorance? Don’t; you’ve been told, you know better. Make it your business to meet Him now, because “it [really] is appointed for men to die once, and then the judgment.”

Dear Jesus,

Show Yourself to me that I may know You are real, who You are, and what I have to do! Amen.
For more information, see http://www.biblestudytools.com/bible-study/topical-studies/what-happens-to-us-when-we-die.html


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