Ephesians 2:22

Is ours an evolutionary reality in which it is foolish to believe in a benificent Higher Power, as certain television programs suggest? Or is it a world truly created by the God of the Bible who loves us and works all things for good to those who love Him?

“In whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.” (Ephesians 2:22)

My daughter recently discovered the “Dr. Who” BBC series. It apparently began running in 1963 and is now in the middle of its thirty-second season, but I had never seen it, so I took the time to sit down with her to see what she was exposing herself to.  I was amazed.

It’s always problematic to critique a particular program, because while one person sees certain dangers in it, others may not, so my intent isn’t necessarily to say, “Don’t watch Dr. Who.” It is to point out the battle of the mind that is being waged, even through popular entertainment.

There are many books, movies and television programs out there that can skew our perception of reality. Two of my personal favorites, “24” and “MI-5,” both have at least one segment each that has revealed a complete lack of understanding as to what real Christians are like. Dr. Who, however, seems to fall into an entirely different category, because while other programs misrepresent Christianity itself, this one presents an evolutionary reality without the presence of the Biblical God which systematically  teaches us that faith in a Higher Being (other than the “doctor,” of course) is superstitious, primitive, and to be avoided at all costs.

Yet, some would argue, I’m being ridiculous—just go with it, it’s fiction. True, it is fiction, but humans are highly susceptible to influence. We don’t like to think that we are, because it implies vulnerability, but we are. We eventually come to believe something if it’s repeated often enough. Advertisers understand this well, which is why they come up with a catchy line and keep saturating us with it. If you don’t believe me, consider evolution. It has only been taught as fact for perhaps less than thirty or forty years, and yet, even in the absence of any legitimate confirmation, generations of adults now accept it as scientific truth. Yes, the mind is a dangerous thing, simply because it is so vulnerable. Much of the battle that Satan wages against human-kind occurs in the realm of our ideas and belief systems.

This is why, perhaps, we need to repeat the obvious. While mutations occur, they always serve to make an organism less able to reproduce and survive, not more fit. As a species, we are not evolving; we are probably devolving—just compare something written even as recently as several hundred years ago with today’s average printed material and witness the longer sentences and more complex thought patterns of previous generations.

God does exist. Belief in Him is not a weakness—it is the result of an objective examination of the evidence all around us in the created world and in the Bible, which was recorded by eyewitnesses (something the theory of evolution does not have).

It is interesting that there is one point on which Dr. Who is correct—monsters exist. The Bible calls them by various names, the most common one being demons. Their intent is to deceive away from the truth—the absolute truth—those who would be obedient to our Creator, Savior, and Sustainer.

The primary problem with programs such as Dr. Who, however, is that they ridicule—not on a superficial and easy to detect level, but in a deeper way that we may not recognize until it’s really gotten to us—a belief in anything Divine. As we watch them over the course of time, programs such as these train us that there is no God, and that it is foolish and primitive to believe in Him or reverence Him—even that it is a thing to be feared and avoided at all costs because it somehow causes us to lose our real selves.

Yet while these programs are created by people—human beings such as ourselves—the things in the Bible were given to us by God. Not a wicked higher being as portrayed in Dr. Who and other programs, but Someone who has created us, loves us, and works all things for the best. A Being whom it is not foolish to trust, whom humans—whether the script-writers of Dr. Who or anyone else throughout the course of history—could not have even conceived of on their own, much less scripted.

And while programs such as Dr. Who make us afraid of being controlled by anything other than ourselves, our being built together into a dwelling place of God through His Holy Spirit is not like the alien possessions of fiction–is not a way to take away our personalities or consciousness—it is the way by which God helps us live a holy life and choose good over evil.

Dear God,

Thank You that You exist. Thank You that it isn’t a fearful or stupid thing to try to learn what You want us to know in the Bible and do it, and to trust in the perfect goodness of Your Son Jesus, but that it is the way You have set up for us to know You and to be forgiven and saved. Help us not saturate ourselves in things that deceive us away from You, because regardless of the plenitude of confusing philosophies out there, we are all accountable to You, as evidenced by the moment of death. Help us realize that there is such a thing as being deceived, and protect us from it. Help us be wise. Amen.

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